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Civic Law

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Key Issues In Jurisprudence

By: Omony J Paul
Published By LawAfrica
Format: Paperback

The craving for a simplified and comprehensive text on Jurisprudence has persisted for a long time. This is not only due to the fact that Jurisprudence is a compulsory law subject but also the challenge it poses as being perceived to be one of the most difficult, complicated and broad law subjects.


This book is designed to fill the lacuna caused by this scarcity of a simplified text on the subject. The author is mainly concerned with making the subject easier to understand and more interesting than has previously been presented by the few texts on the subject on the market.


Although on the face it, this book appears to be aimed at students doing Jurisprudence at Bachelors and Masters level in Law Faculties of various Universities, it will also be resourceful to legal practioners, politicians, lecturers offering related law subjects and the ordinary reader who is interested in analyzing various legal theories viz a viz political, social and economic trends in the contemporary African continent.


By Omony John Paul; LL.B (Hons) MUK, DIP L.P (LDC), Partner and practicing advocate of the High Court of Uganda with Kayondo, Omony & Co. Advocates,

Lecturer at Kampala International University.


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