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Civic Law

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Land Law and Conveyancing: Principles and Practice

By: Prof. Tom Ojienda, Dr. Ruth Aura-Odhiambo, Mathews Okoth
Published By LawAfrica
Format: Paperback
This book is intended to be a clear and practical guide to readers on the principles of land law and conveyancing in Kenya. The authors have made deliberate effort to discuss principles of land law and conveyancing in the context of the Kenyan legislative framework. In instances where comparative jurisprudence from other jurisdictions are discussed, the discussion is only meant to reinforce a principle that is already recognised or being enforced under the Kenyan legislative framework. It is because of this focussed approach, the authors attempt to take readers through a journey of the various stages of development that the Kenyan legislative framework on land and conveyancing have taken, while critiquing each stage of legislative development.


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