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Civic Law


The New Constitutional Law of Kenya: Principles, Government and Human Rights

By: Morris Kiwinda Mbodenyi & John Osogo Ambani
Published By LawAfrica
Format: Paperback
On 27 August 2010, a new Constitution for Kenya was promulgated. The Constitution seeks to re-orient the country by establishing a robust dispensation for good democratic governance amenable to the exercise of human rights. This book is tailored to unveil to the reader the fundamental normative and institutional frameworks of Kenya’s new Constitution. Not only does it define key concepts in constitutional law, generally, it also details how government in Kenya has been restructured and re-organised to give effect to the traditional principles that form the basis of constitutional law. The golden thread that cuts across the various chapters of the book is the emphasis that good constitutions anchor certain tenets that have garnered recognition as hallmarks of democratic dispensation. These hallmarks include the concept of separation of powers; the doctrine of the rule of law; constitutionalism and human rights. These attributes have largely been secured by the 2010 Constitution. Thus, this book is expected to contribute to this new promise by making knowledge on the Constitution accessible through breaking down and contextualising its provisions. It is certain to be useful to law and government students, lawyers, researchers and other persons who seek to understand the new constitutional order. Morris Kiwinda Mbondenyi, LL.D., LL.M. (UNISA), LL.B. (Moi), Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, African Nazarene University. J Osogo Ambani, LL.D. (Cand), LL.M. (UP), LL.B. (UoN), Lecturer, Moi University School of Law.


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